Drying Shaker Provided by Kosun Manufacturer

Drying Shaker

Drying shaker  is used to recover water-based or oil-based drilling fluid from chips to reduce the hydraulic ratio by 10% and significantly reduce waste disposal costs.

Drying Shaker are segments of penetrating gear utilized as a part of numerous ventures, for example, coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas boring. They are the principal period of a solids control framework on a penetrating apparatus, and are utilized to expel extensive solids (cuttings) from the boring liquid.

Drying shaker is considered, by the greater part of the penetrating business, to be the most critical gadget in the strong control framework as the execution of the progressive gear specifically identifies with the cleanliness of the treated boring liquid.

drying shaker
drying shaker

On the other side, A desander is generally organized by rearward over the traverse of action of solids control furnish, with a desander rotate as the subsequent dealing with unit.

Desanders are gone before by gas busters, gumbo launch gear (if used), shale shaker , mud cleaner (if used) and a vacuum degasser. Desanders are broadly utilized as a bit of oilfield penetrating. Hone has demonstrated that hydrocyclone desanders are budgetary and persuading gear.

On the inverse side, Hi-g drying shaker is sections of penetrating contraption utilized as a bit of different attempts, for example, coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas debilitating. They are the essential time of a solids control framework on an invading mechanical get together, and are utilized to evacuate expansive solids (cuttings) from the debilitating liquid.

Drying Shaker are considered, by the majority of the entering business, to be the most fundamental contraption in the strong control structure as the execution of the dynamic mechanical assembly especially identifies with the cleanliness of the treated depleting liquid.

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Shale Shaker of High Efficiency from Kosun Manufacturer

Shale Shaker

Shale shaker  is the first grade of solids control equipment in drilling purification system.

Shale shaker is mainly used in geographical engineering for mining of coal or other diesel products.

Increase shaker screening area- As per screening practices, decrease drilling mud amount in unit shaker screen is favorable to improve screening effect. When filled upto 80% to its capacity it performs as much as it could.

shale shaker
shale shaker

So make sure that the shaker screen is big enough to conduct screening drilling mud which always think 2:1 rate for the length to width of the screen is the best design. Thus improving shaker screen will facilitate better working of it.

Size of shaker screens matters too! When a bigger size shaker screen is used in shale shaker it not only increases the vibration strength and amplitude but also improves the hitting force and shearing force reacted by shale shaker screen to drilling mud and decreasing adhesive force between solid particles. Meanwhile, this measure is good at avoiding block of the screen to some extent, realizing drilling mud shearing and separation.

Basket angling mechanism-proper angling control the drilling mud flowing speed. Generally, big angle is faster than that of small angle. Although this practice is with big volume of shale shaker, it really does low efficiency. So, according to experience, it’s fine to keep cutting fluids speed <0.6m/S and 15 degrees for the screen.

Adding many layers screens to shale shaker- different particles are resent with different sizes thus to eliminate these multi-layer screen it can be used.  Setting several layers of screen with bigger mesh form low to upper screens help to improve the shaking screen efficiency.

Proper cleansing and maintenance of it- If cleaned by brushes or sticks it can lead to damage of the screen. It is must to use proper cleansing solutions . Never use water with an oil or synthetic based mud. For maintenance of the shaker ensure the shaker components are in good order; rubber supports, tensioning mounts etc.

Shale Shaker – Functions of Solids Control Equipment

Shale Shaker for Sale

Shale shaker is the key component in solids control equipment used in drilling industry. Drilling operations use a borehole technology to penetrate deep beneath the surface to reach the fossil fuel, in this pursuit the mud-loggers first need to do a sampling to ascertain the depth and quality of rock they are penetrating. In oil field digging, let’s suppose in an off-shore site, this drilling will be done with the help of drilling rig.

As the drilling bit will cut through the rock underneath ocean floor, it will need some lubricant to keep it going, a drilling fluid is used for that purpose. A drilling fluid is a rich mixture of different chemicals, either oil based or water based, this is commonly known as “drilling mud”. This drilling mud is very expensive to create, and it doesn’t only keep the equipment lubricated but also help in keeping it cool and clean for further operations.

shale shaker
shale shaker

The drilling bit will carry with itself drilling cuttings, essentially the rock shavings, mixed with drilling mud. The mud-loggers will extract these shavings from the drilling bit for their further analysis. As explained earlier in the article, the drilling fluid is quite expensive so it is imperative for the operators to restore the drilling fluid from the drilling waste. For this purpose various solid control equipments are used, among them a shale shaker is the foremost.

A shale shaker with the help of shaker screen helps in separating the drilling cuttings from drilling fluid, and the separated drilling fluid is channeled to a separate container for further processing and treatment. The dried solid, i.e. drilling cuttings are conveyed to a separate container for further treatment and disposal.

One very important factor in the solid control system is its contribution for environmental balance. If a solid control system is not efficient enough, it is likely that the drill cuttings will still carry some amount of drilling fluid that contains chemicals which could be really harmful for the environment and cause contamination of soil or ground water. The drilling industry follows strict rules on drilling waste handling for the sake of environmental impact.

In conclusion, shale shaker’s main function is to filter the drilling waste with the help of an effective shaker screen and as a result help in economy of overall drilling operations and environmental prevention.

Inspection and Maintenance of Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker for Sale

Whether professional or not, every shale shaker user must put its integrity and standards first. A machine’s integrity is enhanced by ensuring that equipment is obtained from a certified dealer, manufactured by an accredited company, authenticated and meets the API standards and regulations.

What is quality if you purchase the wrong equipment? Remember that there are different models and types of shale shakers designed for specific needs. Now that you have purchased the shale shaker most suitable for your needs, keep in mind that this equipment is fragile and requires vigilance in its maintenance.

shale shaker
shale shaker

For enhanced efficiency and durability monitor and maintain your machine by
•    Storing the equipment in their boxes or according to manufacturer’s instructions.
•    Inspecting the machine to ensure it is properly mounted with the bolts properly oriented, the tension right and the screens properly aligned to the frame.
•    Inspecting all parts for tears and rips or wear and tear.
•    Replacing all worn parts bolts and deck and crown rubbers immediately for continued efficiency.
•    Do not walk on screens or allow staff to step on them. They can be damaged.
•    Avoid dropping tools on the screens.
•    Wash the screens thoroughly at the end of work every day to clean off mud and sticky substances.
•    Inspect the shaker screens at reasonable intervals for tears and holes. This will curb against letting mud accumulate and begin to weigh heavy against the equipment leaving it prone to heavy build-up of solids returned from the active mud tank.New
•    Inspecting and controlling mud weight will enhance screen life.

Poor handling of machines could reduce their life span and leading to machine failure. Inspection and maintenance of the drilling fluid shale shaker is a must for every end user of the shale shaker. It entails proper operation, installation, storage, monitoring and maintenance of the equipment.

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Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker for Sale by Kosun

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

Balanced elliptical motion shaker are particularly effective when drilling often encounter heavy, bulky solid parts of the wellbore.

Balanced elliptical motion shaker are particularly effective when drilling often encounter heavy, bulky solid parts of the wellbore.are considered core because they are the first line of defense in the solid control system. Shale shakers are parts of drilling waste equipment used in oil and gas drilling as well as coal cleaning and mining.

The Balanced elliptical motion  shaker  is of vital importance in the drilling process because if the beginning is flawed, then expect a poor end product.

Balanced elliptical motion  shaker are the first and crucial equipment that ensure the process is initiated as flawlessly as possible.

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker for Sale
Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

As a separation equipment, the shale shaker separates harmful solids which are discharged into a separate holding tank while drilling mud is directed through the shaker screen . The role played by the shaker cannot be belittled. Shale shaker are important because
•    They separate drilling mud from unwanted solids
•    Discharge solids so they do not contaminate the drilling fluid
•    Remove harmful solid particles from the drilling mud
•    Provide rock samples for mud loggers to and analyze in order to determine the depth of penetration of the rock.

The shale shaker is composed of
•    The Hopper which is also known as the base. This serves as a platform for the shaker and feeder.
•    Feeder which is a collection pan for underflow
•    Screen basket also known as screen bed, a significant part of the equipment which transfers the shaker’s vibrating intensity and regulates its vibrating motion.
•    The basket angling mechanism has the capability to adjust its angle to allow different flow rates in order to optimize the use of the shaker bed.
•    The vibrator is a motion equipment which vibrates to facilitate the transfer and regulation of vibrating motion by the shaker bed.

Acclaimed as the basic and important equipment in the first phase of drilling, it is important that users choose good quality shale shakers and maintain them as is required.

Drilling Fluid Dryer Shaker Inspection and Maintenance

Drilling Fluids Dryer Shaker

Drilling fluids Dryer shaker maintenance of is straightforward, while there are a considerable measure of basic disappointments additionally, we have to comprehend the normal deficiencies of boring liquid shaker and how to manage.

The following are some common problems faced concerning the drilling fluids dryer shaker:
The vibration engine pivot turn out to be gradually, and there is a heading warming:
This demonstrates the typical upkeep of the shale shaker was not done well, and the bearing is shy of greasing up oil, if the oil is recently included the reason will be oil quality issues or get too full, second rate oil make the bearing square so oil quality is very essential. The Hi-G dryer suitable for both of WBM and OBM

Drilling Fluids Dryer Shaker
Drilling Fluids Dryer Shaker

The poor screening nature of penetrating drilling fluids dryer shaker:
This issues may for the most part brought on by the mis operation, it might be the screen work blockage, fine grain size and increment of water substance in the strainer material, the sifter material layer is too thick, sustaining imbalance, etc. May both sides of the screen is not tight, in the event that it is an offbeat shaft vibration may the belt is too free, a time of invert revolution can be taken after the mechanical preparing is finished keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the nature of screening.

Shaft break of shaker box:
In the event that the screen box has been because of absence of inflexibility, flat level did not recognize, will bring about the shaft crack, on the off chance that it still in operation will likewise make the material stream peculiarities. There likewise might be uncalled for operation, that is the imbalanced sustaining is additionally one reason.

The shale shaker can’t begin or plentiful is too little:
Ought to check whether the aggregation of oil on the electrical machine is excessively, if so we ought to expel stores on the vibrating screen.

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Hi-G Shaker of Kosun Solid Control for Sale all Over the World

Hi-G  Shaker

Hi-G  Shaker  is a strong stage control (strong control) the principal obstruction, otherwise called a strong control hardware, penetrating is not permitted without screened specifically into the mud tank.

Hi-G shaker is the subject of very much oversaw group. The upper strata, generally sand, Drying Shaker simple to plug the sifter sand, mud filtering impact, ought to wash the brush, wash flush, deplete strainer.

The upper strata of the penetrating pace, bore cuttings and all the more substantial removal, shale shakers handle the weight enormous, shale shaker screen effectively harmed, ought to consistently check, know about.

Particularly around evening time, under the diminish light, a little administrator, how to guarantee that the penetrating great shaker screen , screen harm after convenient discovery and opportune substitution,

Hi-G Shaker
Hi-G Shaker

Hi-G  Shaker circumstance is not a similar group in the upper piece of the well boring mud gap area cannot be totally screened, HI-G shaker required boring liquid recouped from the pool, Decanter Centrifuge to make reusing readiness ahead of time, for example, the boring liquid strong control the pool deplete, outline pump pull pipelines.

Before Desander is recouping to completely settle in penetrating mud pool, the best one of Desilter was recuperated before boring machine is cleaned, Mud Agitator don’t recuperate with sand to mud pump tank, dodge coordinate sand into the well.

In the wake of boring through vibrating sifter, and afterward additionally handled by penetrating more cleanly. Boring mud cleaner evacuate better particles, as well as the penetrating liquid into the well before the last boundary. After the shale shaker screen is harmed, mud cleaners expel extensive particles of sand increment, to mirror the boring liquid from the screen surface cleaner.

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