The role of waterway and river sludge dredging and dewatering treatment

The role of channel and channel sludge dredging and dewatering treatment is to improve and restore the normal operation function of river channel by treating river bottom sludge. Sludge deposition in waterways and rivers has increasingly affected the normal functioning of flood control, drainage, irrigation, water supply, navigation and other functions. In order to restore the normal functions of the river, it is necessary to use sludge dredging and dewatering equipment to carry out river dredging and dredging projects.

In terms of desilting and sludge dewatering treatment equipment for river channels and waterways, it is necessary to select equipment suitable for mud quality, mud amount and construction conditions for desilting sludge dewatering treatment under the premise of ensuring the good effect of desilting sludge dewatering. The important equipment for desilting sludge dewatering in river channel and waterway is as follows:

Sludge dredging equipment includes: excavator dredging treatment equipment, vertical mud pump mud conveying system dredging treatment, cutter suction ship dredging treatment; sludge dewatering treatment equipment includes: screw stacker type, decanter centrifuge type, Diaphragm filter press type dewatering; geotechnical pipe belt type sludge dewatering equipment.

In view of the commonly used equipment for desilting sludge dewatering treatment of river channels and waterways, the above main equipment is listed here. In the implementation of the project, the appropriate desilting sludge dewatering treatment equipment and scheme should be selected according to the specific sludge characteristics of the project , in order to achieve better sludge dredging and dewatering effect.

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