Factors that cause mud run out of Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker are often used in the drilling process, and everyone has discovered that the Shale Shaker sometimes shows the phenomenon of mud running. Then, why does the Shale Shaker show the phenomenon of running mud? From the following three factors:

1. Drilling fluid (mud):

-the mud stickiness is too high;

-the mud proportion is too large;

-the solid content is too large;

-Scattered drill cuttings.

2. Elements of shale shaker performance:

-the exciting force is small;

-the mesh number of the screen is too high;

– the effective area of the screen is small;

-the choice of vibration trajectory determines the speed of mud movement;

-if the screen is selected, the mud will be unevenly distributed on the screen surface and tend to both sides.

3. The essentials for the operation and maintenance of the drilling fluid shake shaker:

-the elevation angle of the screen box is adjusted too small;

-the direction of rotation of the vibration motor is wrong;

-the amount of slurry supply is too large and exceeds the disposal amount of the shale shaker;

-the mesh of the sieve is obstructed, so it should be washed regularly with clean water during use;

-failure to rinse the screen with clean water in time during the shutdown caused the mud to dry out;

-when the mud performance changes, the percentage of the eccentric block of the vibration motor is not adjusted accordingly.

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