The composition of trenchless mud recovery system

The standard trenchless mud recovery system consists of mud recovery equipment, mud mixing equipment and mud collection tanks. Unlike the mud recovery device in the oil and gas drilling industry, trenchless drilling first discharges the mud back to the mud pit on the ground, and then uses a vertically installed submerged mud pump to transport the mud to the mud recovery system. Most drilling rigs will use a three-stage Purification system, shale shaker, sand removal, mud removal, and gradual removal of rock debris and solid waste. If there is a higher separation requirement, we will add a centrifuge to the system as a fourth-level processing equipment that can control the solid particle diameter of the slurry to 5-10 microns.

KOSUN has extensive field experience and a strong R&D and production team in the field of solids control systems such as trenchless mud recovery system. According to our country’s current municipal non-excavation technology and mud application status, combined with foreign advanced technology, the mud treatment equipment is optimized to ensure the completion of mud purification and recovery treatment while maximizing the protection of the original mud performance, saving construction costs, improving construction progress, and reducing Construction resistance and risk to achieve the best treatment effect.

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