The difference in structure and technical factors of shale shaker

The drilling mud shale shaker is a mechanical process that separates particles of a certain size through a screening device. The shale shaker is the first in a multi-stage system and the most widely used mud cleaning tool. All modern drilling complexes are equipped with shale shakers, and the number of shale shakers on a drilling rig sometimes reaches six. The shale shaker removes the solution from coarse cutting particles larger than 70-80 microns. The content of particles of this size in the solution is relatively small, but the effect of the shale shaker depends not only on the amount of rock removed, but also on the reliability and centrifugation of the solution prepared for the deeper cleaning of the subsequent hydrocyclone sludge separator machine.

The shale shaker is an integral part of the drilling mud cleaning system, designed to clean the drilling mud from the drilled rock particles while drilling. Shale shaker-the first stage of cleaning, removes solution from 10-20% of sludge over 75-100 microns in size. Shale shaker occupies most of the mud removal and is the most common mud removal tool.

The shale shaker is different in structure and the following technical factors:

-Vibrating motion form of the vibrating frame (circular, elliptical, linear, linear-elliptical);

-The vibration amplitude of the vibrating frame;

-The acceleration of the vibration motion of the vibrating frame;

-Screen surface area;

-According to the number of layers: For better cleaning, the screen can be single or multiple layers.

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