Hi-G Shaker Main Functions and Structure of Kosun

Hi-G Shaker

Hi-G Shaker is an integral tool to separate drilling  waste from the drill rigs. They are used in industries like oil and gas, coal cleaning and mining. It is impossible to function in a drilling industry without making ample use of Hi-G shaker. They serve as the purification channels for the drill rigs. They remove solids by processing them finely.

Hi-G Shaker
Hi-G Shaker

The structure of the Hi-G shaker consists of five equipments mainly,
1- Hopper
It is also known as “underflow” and “base.” It is an important tool for the Shale Shaker and works as a large vessel or pot for collecting the fluids that have been processed. It should be ordered depending upon the requirements of the mud system. The larger quantities of mud would require a Hopper of a different depth.
2- Feeder
A Feeder is a collection pan for the drilling fluids before they are processed. Some feeders are equipped with a specialized technique that helps the drilling fluid move through the shaker without any obstruction or hindrance and move inside the hopper and back into the mid system prior to purification. The most commonly used feeder is called a weir feeder.
3- Screen Basket
It is an impeccable and extra-ordinary part of the machine as it shakes and moves with perfect ease while the other parts of the machine carry forward the cleaning process. It aids in better functioning of the Hi-g drying  shaker. It must simplify the working and further maintenance of the machine.
4- Basket Angling Mechanism
The shaker basket must be fully equipped and designed as per the flow of the drilling fluids. It is accommodating enough to change the angle as per the flow of liquids. The flow could be divided into two categories, namely, Pool and Beach.
5- Vibrator
This is a specialized motor used for applying vibrating force and motion to the shaker bed. It also used a set of eccentric weights to provide and unidirectional force.

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