Inspection and Maintenance of Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker for Sale

Whether professional or not, every shale shaker user must put its integrity and standards first. A machine’s integrity is enhanced by ensuring that equipment is obtained from a certified dealer, manufactured by an accredited company, authenticated and meets the API standards and regulations.

What is quality if you purchase the wrong equipment? Remember that there are different models and types of shale shakers designed for specific needs. Now that you have purchased the shale shaker most suitable for your needs, keep in mind that this equipment is fragile and requires vigilance in its maintenance.

shale shaker
shale shaker

For enhanced efficiency and durability monitor and maintain your machine by
•    Storing the equipment in their boxes or according to manufacturer’s instructions.
•    Inspecting the machine to ensure it is properly mounted with the bolts properly oriented, the tension right and the screens properly aligned to the frame.
•    Inspecting all parts for tears and rips or wear and tear.
•    Replacing all worn parts bolts and deck and crown rubbers immediately for continued efficiency.
•    Do not walk on screens or allow staff to step on them. They can be damaged.
•    Avoid dropping tools on the screens.
•    Wash the screens thoroughly at the end of work every day to clean off mud and sticky substances.
•    Inspect the shaker screens at reasonable intervals for tears and holes. This will curb against letting mud accumulate and begin to weigh heavy against the equipment leaving it prone to heavy build-up of solids returned from the active mud tank.New
•    Inspecting and controlling mud weight will enhance screen life.

Poor handling of machines could reduce their life span and leading to machine failure. Inspection and maintenance of the drilling fluid shale shaker is a must for every end user of the shale shaker. It entails proper operation, installation, storage, monitoring and maintenance of the equipment.

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