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Shale Shaker for Sale

Shale Shakers are the integral tools to separate solid from the drill rigs. The drilling fluid moves into the Shale Shakers directly where it is processed once it returns to the surface of the well. Once processed, the mud tanks are filled with the drilling fluid where further other finer solids are removed using other equipments.
Shale Shakers are the primary and integral tools to separate solid from the drill rigs. . They serve as the purification channels for the drill rigs. They remove solids by processing them finely.

shale shaker for sale
shale shaker for Sale

This device is simple in concept, but it is complicated to use efficiently. The solids smaller than the wire mesh pass through the screen. In addition, the larger solids are removed. The whole process can be technically difficult but if followed systematically, it can become an easy task. It consists of five major parts, namely, hopper, feeder, screen basket, basket angling mechanism and vibrator. The shale shaker screen panel consists of Screen mesh, binding agent, building agent and 3D Technology.
In order to maintain a long-lasting life of Shale Shaker, you will need to make sure the parts like wedges, screw cap bolt, and springs on the shale shaker are installed correctly with no signs of fault.
The working efficiency of a Shale Shaker can be improved using minor details.
There are varied causes for premature screen failure, mainly,
1- When personnel use high pressure to clean the equipment, it can adversely affect it.
2- One should be extremely cautious and careful during the installation as improper handling could have a damaging effect upon the machine
3- The deck rubbers used by personnel should always be clean and properly installed.
4- Sometimes, mud weight can also inversely affect the working mechanism.
5- One should be always careful while loading solids, heavier ones can damage the machine
6- Installation should be precise and perfect for a good efficiency.
7- Screen Panels should be carefully handled during the storage.
8- If the screens are not cleaned properly or contain a manufacturing defect, it can ruin the machine.
If right equipments are used at the right places in the device, it could lead to higher efficiency and long lasting life of Shale Shaker.

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