Shale shaker working efficiency determines the mud process efficiency

In the oil drilling process, The drilling fluids from the well can be transported to the mud control equipment by mud pump. As the first phase equipment of mud control, The drilling fluids shale shaker is one of the mud-water separation equipment and has the characteristics of the earliest separation, the fastest separation, economical and efficient. Shale shaker working efficiency determines the mud process efficiency of entire mud control system. so we must know what factors determine working efficiency of the drilling fluids shale shaker. There are three deterministic factors of shale shaker working efficiency.

The First Factor: Shale Shaker Mode of Vibration

There are three types vibration modes shale shaker. It is inear motion, circular motion, elliptic motion. If the center of gravity is at the vibrator, it can form the circular motion. If the center of gravity is above the vibrator, It can form circular motion. For the elliptic motion, the screen must have a slope in order to transportation of drill cuttings, but it can reduce the capacity of its screen. If the center of gravity is above and in front of the vibrator, The shaker can formed inear motion. The inear motion shale shaker has the constant speed of transportation of drill cuttings.

The Second Factor: The Amplitude and Frequency of Shale Shaker and vibrating motor

The capacity of shale shaker depends on three parameters: amplitude, mode of vibration, rotation speed of vibrating motor. The rotation speed of vibrating motor determines the vibration frequency of shale shaker. The higher of vibration frequency of shale shaker, the better of the solid phase screening. Generally, vibration frequency of the domestic high frequency shale shaker is approximately 2000 times /min.

The vibration mass and eccentricity determines amplitude of shale shaker. Amplitude is the vertical distance of the movement of shale shaker. Vibration strength is centrifugal acceleration of the vibrator. It reflects the mesh size of the force acting on the solid particles. In theory, The larger the vibration amplitude of shale shaker, the better of the removing effect. But after the vibration strength increases, The force of shale shaker is also increased. if so the expectancy shaker life can become shortened. Therefore we should considered comprehensively when designing and using.

The Third factor: Mesh and Material of Shale Shaker

Generally speaking, there are 2-4 shaker screens in shale shake. Drilling fluids must pass the first screen into a second screen, and so on. If the screen size is not suitable or be torn, the efficiency of solid-phase separation can decrease dramatically. If the screen can not be install reasonably, the screen will soon be worn or torn quickly. So when you select the screen, you must pay attention on the material of shaker sreen.

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