Mud shaker is a widely used mud treatment equipment

Mud shaker is a widely used mud treatment equipment. In the field of oil drilling, it is often used as a first-level solids control equipment to process drilling mud, also known as solids control shaker. According to the needs of solid control equipment, mud shale shaker can be divided into various types, including: single-layer mud shale shaker, multi-layer mud shale shaker, drying mud shale shaker, variable frequency shale shaker, etc. Solid control shale shaker used in oil drilling field, and mine shale shaker in mining field, etc.

The working principle of shale shaker
The exciting force generated by the vibration motor drives the sieve bed to do linear, circular, elliptical or translational elliptical motion. The screen will play the role of filtering and screening, screening out solids such as large particles of drill cuttings, and the treated clean mud with fine particles will fall into the vibrating screen bin for the next level of treatment. The separated large solid particles (usually above 74 microns) are transported to the outside of the sieve bed under the excitation force and discharged to the outside of the tank.

Scope of application of mud shaker
Primary or secondary or tertiary solids control treatment for mud and liquid to be treated in onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling/coalbed methane excavation/trenchless directional crossing/piling engineering/waste sewage, mud treatment and other projects. In short, it is the primary treatment of mud and solid-liquid mixtures suitable for various environments.

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