Shale Shaker of High Efficiency from Kosun Manufacturer

Shale Shaker

Shale shaker  is the first grade of solids control equipment in drilling purification system.

Shale shaker is mainly used in geographical engineering for mining of coal or other diesel products.

Increase shaker screening area- As per screening practices, decrease drilling mud amount in unit shaker screen is favorable to improve screening effect. When filled upto 80% to its capacity it performs as much as it could.

shale shaker
shale shaker

So make sure that the shaker screen is big enough to conduct screening drilling mud which always think 2:1 rate for the length to width of the screen is the best design. Thus improving shaker screen will facilitate better working of it.

Size of shaker screens matters too! When a bigger size shaker screen is used in shale shaker it not only increases the vibration strength and amplitude but also improves the hitting force and shearing force reacted by shale shaker screen to drilling mud and decreasing adhesive force between solid particles. Meanwhile, this measure is good at avoiding block of the screen to some extent, realizing drilling mud shearing and separation.

Basket angling mechanism-proper angling control the drilling mud flowing speed. Generally, big angle is faster than that of small angle. Although this practice is with big volume of shale shaker, it really does low efficiency. So, according to experience, it’s fine to keep cutting fluids speed <0.6m/S and 15 degrees for the screen.

Adding many layers screens to shale shaker- different particles are resent with different sizes thus to eliminate these multi-layer screen it can be used.  Setting several layers of screen with bigger mesh form low to upper screens help to improve the shaking screen efficiency.

Proper cleansing and maintenance of it- If cleaned by brushes or sticks it can lead to damage of the screen. It is must to use proper cleansing solutions . Never use water with an oil or synthetic based mud. For maintenance of the shaker ensure the shaker components are in good order; rubber supports, tensioning mounts etc.

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