Purpose and Classification of mud agitator

Mud agitator is one of the solid control equipment of drilling fluid tank, which is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, preventing solid phase particles of drilling fluid from deposition in the tank circulation system, and making the circulating drilling fluid have stable performance and even mixing. The most commonly used forms of mud agitator in solid control equipment are as follows:

mud agitator
mud agitator

Mud agitator with gear transmission structure: the advantages are high transmission efficiency, but the disadvantages are large volume and inconvenient maintenance. Gear drive is also divided into direct drive and belt drive. The reducer adopts single-stage worm reducer with small structure size, light weight, stable transmission, low noise and large transmission power.

Worm gear transmission structure mud agitator: the current is still worm gear worm transmission. Worm gear and worm drive. Worm gear and worm drive is widely used in mud agitator because of its simple structure, high speed ratio and high reliability. The mud agitators imported from the United States are almost all worm gear direct drive. Worm gear and worm belt transmission structure, although its large volume, but has the characteristics of soft transmission, to protect the motor overload is very good.

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