KOSUN Pile Foundation Slurry Separation System Main Equipment

The main advantages of Pile Foundation Slurry Separation System:

1. Purify the mud and effectively control the performance index of the mud.

2. Realize mud recycling and save slurry-making materials.

3. The equipment effectively separates the soil and slag and improves the efficiency of hole making.

4. Closed loop purification of mud.

5. The double-layer screen is adopted, and the purification effect is nearly 50% or more than that of the single-layer screen.

6. Convenient, simple and reliable operation.

KOSUN Pile Foundation Slurry Separation System uses a slurry pump to pump the sludge from the mud pool into the equipment, and the equipment circulates the sludge internally: first put the sludge on the 2-layer Shale shaker, and then pass it through the cyclone desander for further purification treatment, after treatment to separate the sand and soil in the sludge, the filtered muddy water again enters the sand pump into the de-sanding cyclone for secondary screening and filtration, the waste residue continues, and the filtered water will be recycled.

There are many equipment for mechanical treatment and separation, but the most commonly used one is the decanter centrifuge. The decanter centrifuge mainly uses the principle of centrifugal separation. The separated mud cake is packaged without dripping, and it is convenient to transport and reprint. It can be used for greening and backfilling. It can be used as a material for making bricks for effective secondary use. The function of the Shale shaker is to pre-treat the muddy water and remove particles such as clumps and lumps.

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