KOSUN Shaker Screens Sold to Iran used in FLC2000 shale shaker

As we all know, Shaker screen is the largest consumable wearing device for solids control equipment.A Cost-effective shaker screen can not only ensure the screening quality of drilling mud, but also can extend the trial life of shale shakerShale shaker screens consume a portion cost of drilling, so a cost-effective shaker screen is needed by many drilling contractors.

KOSUN developed a high-quality shaker screen through years of research and trial. Recently, KOSUN has produced a number of screens for the FLC2000 shale shaker. It has been tested by third parties and fully compliance with international standards. 610 Pieces of KOSUN Shaker Screens are ready to delivery to Iran.

shale shaker screen
shale shaker screen

KOSUN has been the leading China OEM supplier of quality, high performance screening surfaces for over 20 years. Our entry into manufacturing screens for kinds of shakers has come at the request of numerous operators who desire to improve the performance of their shakers by taking advantage of Kosun’s screen manufacturing technology. KOSUN now has screens available for kinds of internationally renowned shale shakers.

Features and Benefits of KOSUN Shaker Screen:

-Available for Derrick, Brandt, Swaco and KEM-TRON brand shakers.

-API RP 13C compliant

-Long life stainless steel screen cloth

-Triple screen layers

-Bonded to perforated panel

-Quick and easy to repair

-Consistently manufactured, rugged construction

-Mature technology, competitive price

-Ability to handle high flow rates

-Cut point integrity

-Longer screen life

-Minimize nearsize particle blinding

KOSUN is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of solids control equipment and solid-liquid separation equipment. After decades of rapid development, KOSUN has developed into a well-known solids control equipment manufacturer at home and abroad. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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How to mark shaker screen size?

So many different shale shaker screen, how to verify them? How to mark shaker screen size? For almost screen, we’ll mark the shale shaker screen sizes on the tag or label. On labels, there are screen dimension, API size or mesh sizes.

shale shaker screen
shale shaker screen

Tags of shale shaker screen can be printed on special tag paper, on PP sticker, on metal plate, and so on. No matter which type label we use, the necessary information should be indicated clearl.According to API RP13C code, the screen sticker should indicate API size, cut point under D100 cut point regulation, the mesh size or model number of manufacturer, the screen origin, manufacturer name, and so on.

shaker screen
shaker screen

Shaker screen dimension, usually means the overall size of screen panel. If the screen is framed one, dimension include length, width, height or thickness. If the screen is hook strip, dimension means the length, width, and hook height or hook size.Besides screen overall size, there are detail size on screen panels. Such as holes shape and size. The screen cloth mesh size. Effective screen area, the non blanked area, and so on

The popular shale shaker screen sizes including 700x1050mm, 630x1250mm, 585x1165mm, 710x1250mm, and so on. Mesh sizes for oilfield solids control shaker are usually from API 40-API325.

KOSUN Shale Shaker Screen is wear part of the shale shaker, mainly classified into soft sieve screen, sieve plate type screen,and frame plate type screen.Product characteristics are wear resistance, wearability, rating of temperature, low cost, easy disassembly, conductivity ( powder ) liquid, good trapping ( dreg ) effect, etc.

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Drying Shaker for Sale Cover all over the World

drying shaker for sale

A spring-stacked plunger and reversible pawl give a tightening activity amid development of the working handle. An entire 180 degrees of development is conceivable in both bearings.

Contingent upon pawl setting, moving the handle in one course turns the jack screw to raise or lower the screen outline, while in the other bearing the jack screw stays stationary amid handle development. The spring-stacked pawl allows the administrator to change the bearing to either raise or lower the shale shaker screen outline, as required.

The point of the release end of the shaker screen edge is endlessly movable inside the hardware’s accessible range.

drying shaker for sale
drying shaker for sale

There, certainly, are some precautions to be taken while operating a drying Shaker :
1.Assess release channel association on side of container for breaks. Fix association as well as add silicone sealant to avert spillage.
2.Review cover on unused container release association for breaks. Fix association as well as add silicone sealant to avert spillage.
3.Utilizing a water hose, wash off gathered process material from screen outline, inside of container and AWD point alteration parts.
4.Abundance prepare material in these regions may hinder edge alteration of screen edge and can lessen screen outline vibration if the edge bottoms out on the development.
5.Check for and evacuate any aggregation of process material or other hindrance in feeder inside. Feeder blockage may bring about over the top sprinkling and uneven dissemination of slurry onto the screen bed.

Examine whole machine for proof of covering harm, including uncovered base metal, consumption, profound scratches, or different voids. Repair harmed zones as per covering makers’ particulars.

To make sure the operation of the shale shaker and normal usage life on screen, the operator need to make sure parts like wedges, screw cap bolt and springs on the shale shakers are installed correctly with no signs of wrongdoing. The operator installs the screens according the operation manual provide it from the seller.

Functions of Solid Control Equipment – Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker is a key component of the solid  control equipment for the drilling industry. Drilling operations use drilling techniques to penetrate deep into the surface to achieve fossil fuels, and in this quest, the mudstone machine first needs to be sampled to determine the depth and quality of the rock it penetrates. In the oil field excavation, assuming that the offshore site, the drilling will be completed with the help of the rig.


Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker
Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

The drill bit itself will carry cuttings, which are basically shredded with drilling mud. The mud collector will extract these shavings from the drill for further analysis. As mentioned earlier in the article, the drilling fluid is very expensive, so the operator must recover the drilling fluid from the drilling waste . To this end, the use of various solid control devices, where the shale oscillator is the most important.

The vibrating screen with a vibrating   screen helps to separate the cuttings from the drilling fluid and direct the separated drilling fluid to a separate container for further processing and handling. The dried solids, i.e., the drilling chips, are transported to a separate container for further processing and disposal.

A very important factor in solid control systems is its contribution to environmental balance. If the efficiency of the solid control system is not high enough, the cuttings are likely to carry some drilling fluids containing chemical substances that may be harmful to the environment and cause contamination of the soil or groundwater. For environmental reasons, the drilling industry follows the strict rules for drilling waste treatment .

All in all, the main function of the shale shaker is to filter the drilling waste through an effective shaker screen shield, thus contributing to the overall drilling operations and the economy of environmental precautions.

Shale Shaker Screen Good Cleaning System from Kosun Manufacturer

Shale Shaker Screen

Shale shaker screen mainly classified into soft sieve screen, sieve plate type screen,and  frame plate type screen .

Any machinery will give its best performance if maintained properly, so a preventive measure is a prerequisite if an operator wants to ensure the long life of the machinery.

While routine services will take place as part of your preventive maintenance, there is something that operators themselves will be able to take care of and be rewarded with even better results. A simple way is to keep the machinery clean.

shale shaker screen
shale shaker screen

In solid control equipment,  shaker screen performs that key job of eliminating the solids through the screen. So it is imperative that they are prone to damage if not kept properly clean and that will naturally increase the overall project cost.
Here are some ways to keep the shaker screen clean and safe:
•    If the shaker has been idle for some time, it is important that the shaker screen be cleaned before the use. To clean the shaker screen , the best way is to use water gun or water hose.
•    Usage of wire brush will actually damage the mesh, so stay clear of brushes in your cleaning process.
•    The shaker screen constantly sieves the waste material and likely to get clogged with waste material and as a result the screen holes will be blinded and hamper the process if filtration. To clean the blinded screen holes, use the water hose from back side. You could consider removing the larger particles manually, but never with a brush or stick, as the mesh of the screen is prone to be torn in the process if you use any of these.
•    Make sure that the screens are not left with the drilling waste i.e. drill cuttings and mud to be dried while in the screen. This will invariably lead to a pre-mature failure of the equipment.
•    Never allow any worn out rubbers to be used in the equipment, this directly lowers the performance of the equipment and damages the  shale shaker screen.
•    Do not allow any other material to be placed over the shaker screens , either in function or in storage.
With these basic cleaning procedures, you could ensure a longer life for the shaker screen.

Hi-G Dryer Shaker of Solids Control Equipment by Kosun Manufacturer

Hi-G Dryer Shaker

Hi-G dryer shaker  is used to recover mud from cuttings to reduce the liquid / oil content in the cuttings to about 10% (w / w) and to recover part of the drilling mud to reduce drilling costs and reduce drilling waste Volume, reduce environmental pollution.  Drying shaker screen for WBM and OBM.

Hi-G dryer shaker is the key component in solids control equipment used in drilling industry. Drilling operations use a borehole technology to penetrate deep beneath the surface to reach the fossil fuel, in this pursuit the mud-loggers first need to do a sampling to ascertain the depth and quality of rock they are penetrating.

H-I G Dryer Shaker
H-I G Dryer Shaker

The drilling bit will carry with itself drilling cuttings, essentially the rock shavings, mixed with drilling mud. The mud-loggers will extract these shavings from the drilling bit for their further analysis. As explained earlier in the article, the drilling fluid is quite expensive so it is imperative for the operators to restore the drilling fluid from the drilling waste . For this purpose various solid control equipments are used, among them a shale shaker is the foremost.

Hi-G dryer shaker with the help of shaker screens helps in separating the drilling cuttings from drilling fluid, and the separated drilling fluid is channeled to a separate container for further processing and treatment. The dried solid, i.e. drilling cuttings are conveyed to a separate container for further treatment and disposal.

One very important factor in the solid control system is its contribution for environmental balance. If a solid control system is not efficient enough, it is likely that the drill cuttings will still carry some amount of drilling fluid that contains chemicals which could be really harmful for the environment and cause contamination of soil or ground water. The drilling industry follows strict rules on drilling waste management  for the sake of environmental impact.

In conclusion, drying shaker’s main function is to filter the drilling waste with the help of an effective shaker screen and as a result help in economy of overall drilling operations and environmental prevention.

What Are Functions of The Drilling Fluids Dryer Shaker?

Dryer Shaker

Drilling fluids are used while drilling holes on the surface of the earth for oil, natural gas and even for water wells. The different types of drilling fluids that are used are water, water based muds (mixture of water and clay or other chemicals), oil or synthetic oil.

The advantages of using drilling fluids are;
– Due to the continuous use of machines for long time, the machine get heated. These fluids helps in keeping the drilling machine cool.
– As there is continuous contact between the drill pipes and the walls of the holes, heat may be generated due to friction. Drilling fluids, especially oil based fluids provides lubrication to the drill pipes.
– Keeps the machine clean.
– Maintains pressure on formation fluids (naturally occurring fluids).

Dryer Shaker
Dryer Shaker

This drilling fluids are poured inside the hole with different flow rate and pressure. These fluids then collect the cuttings of rocks from the hole and are then forced out of the hole by a pump. This mixture is then passed through a shale shaker.

A shale shaker is an equipment that removes large solids that are mixed with the drilling fluids, drilling waste , so that the fluids can be reused. These shale shakers not only improve the efficiency but also is very important from the cost cutting point of view. The basic parts of a shale shaker are the base of the shaker called Hopper, a feeder where the mixture of fluid and solid is collected, a screen and a vibrator.

Drilling fluids dryer shaker  is a vibrating equipment that uses a Shaker Screen (a mesh like structure supported on a frame) to separate the mixture. The vibratory motion may either be linear, elliptical or circular. The efficiency of a shale shaker also depends upon the vibration speed and the amplitude and frequency of the shale shakers .

The main functions of  drilling fluids dryer shaker is to make the drilling fluids reusable by separating the solids that are mixed with it.

Drilling Fluids Dryer Shaker Function

Drilling Fluids Dryer Shaker

Drilling fluids dryer shaker is the use of special two vibration motor to do the excitation source, so that the material on the screen surface, while straight forward. Through the sieve screen is relatively low, through the continuous nozzle to skip the completion of the classification of materials, is widely used in the drilling industry.

All drilling operations require drilling fluids in some form. The main function of a shale shaker is to separate the drilling solid from a circulatory system. A shale shaker is essentially an equipment to filter the drilling waste obtained during the drilling operation.

Drilling Fluids Dryer Shaker
Drilling Fluids Dryer Shaker

As the foremost part of solid control system, the efficiency of a shale shaker determines the performance of rest of the equipments. The more cuttings they remove from the circulation, the active system will receive more fluid. To achieve this however, the solids captured in the shaker screen needs to be constantly conveyed as to make room for more solid waste for filtering process. The drilling fluid will pass through the screen and be caught in a mud tank.

This filtering through the shaker screen is done with the help of vibration force that allows the fluid to pass through the screen mesh more efficiently and leaves the solids to be discharged further.

While a number of factors will determine the performance and quality of screening process, including the external factors such as temperature and viscosity of the drilling waste, the size of the cuttings, etc.

The linear motion shale shaker is a widely popular type of shale shaker since its introduction in early 1980s. And with latest developments in shaker screen design the process filtering the drilling fluid from drilling waste and removing the drilling solids has become far more feasible than it was originally there in earlier models of shale shakers .

The main function of the drilling fluids dryer shaker is to increase the flow of drilling fluid through shaker screen into the mud tank and discharge the drilling cuttings or drilling solid for further disposal. By eliminating the drilling fluids in dried out condition they are easier to be disposed as per environmental requirement and leave a less harmful impact on environment if there is less quantity of harmful chemicals in form of drilling fluid is present on them before disposal.

Shale Shaker of High Efficiency from Kosun Manufacturer

Shale Shaker

Shale shaker  is the first grade of solids control equipment in drilling purification system.

Shale shaker is mainly used in geographical engineering for mining of coal or other diesel products.

Increase shaker screening area- As per screening practices, decrease drilling mud amount in unit shaker screen is favorable to improve screening effect. When filled upto 80% to its capacity it performs as much as it could.

shale shaker
shale shaker

So make sure that the shaker screen is big enough to conduct screening drilling mud which always think 2:1 rate for the length to width of the screen is the best design. Thus improving shaker screen will facilitate better working of it.

Size of shaker screens matters too! When a bigger size shaker screen is used in shale shaker it not only increases the vibration strength and amplitude but also improves the hitting force and shearing force reacted by shale shaker screen to drilling mud and decreasing adhesive force between solid particles. Meanwhile, this measure is good at avoiding block of the screen to some extent, realizing drilling mud shearing and separation.

Basket angling mechanism-proper angling control the drilling mud flowing speed. Generally, big angle is faster than that of small angle. Although this practice is with big volume of shale shaker, it really does low efficiency. So, according to experience, it’s fine to keep cutting fluids speed <0.6m/S and 15 degrees for the screen.

Adding many layers screens to shale shaker- different particles are resent with different sizes thus to eliminate these multi-layer screen it can be used.  Setting several layers of screen with bigger mesh form low to upper screens help to improve the shaking screen efficiency.

Proper cleansing and maintenance of it- If cleaned by brushes or sticks it can lead to damage of the screen. It is must to use proper cleansing solutions . Never use water with an oil or synthetic based mud. For maintenance of the shaker ensure the shaker components are in good order; rubber supports, tensioning mounts etc.

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker for Sale by Kosun

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

Balanced elliptical motion shaker are particularly effective when drilling often encounter heavy, bulky solid parts of the wellbore.

Balanced elliptical motion shaker are particularly effective when drilling often encounter heavy, bulky solid parts of the wellbore.are considered core because they are the first line of defense in the solid control system. Shale shakers are parts of drilling waste equipment used in oil and gas drilling as well as coal cleaning and mining.

The Balanced elliptical motion  shaker  is of vital importance in the drilling process because if the beginning is flawed, then expect a poor end product.

Balanced elliptical motion  shaker are the first and crucial equipment that ensure the process is initiated as flawlessly as possible.

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker for Sale
Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

As a separation equipment, the shale shaker separates harmful solids which are discharged into a separate holding tank while drilling mud is directed through the shaker screen . The role played by the shaker cannot be belittled. Shale shaker are important because
•    They separate drilling mud from unwanted solids
•    Discharge solids so they do not contaminate the drilling fluid
•    Remove harmful solid particles from the drilling mud
•    Provide rock samples for mud loggers to and analyze in order to determine the depth of penetration of the rock.

The shale shaker is composed of
•    The Hopper which is also known as the base. This serves as a platform for the shaker and feeder.
•    Feeder which is a collection pan for underflow
•    Screen basket also known as screen bed, a significant part of the equipment which transfers the shaker’s vibrating intensity and regulates its vibrating motion.
•    The basket angling mechanism has the capability to adjust its angle to allow different flow rates in order to optimize the use of the shaker bed.
•    The vibrator is a motion equipment which vibrates to facilitate the transfer and regulation of vibrating motion by the shaker bed.

Acclaimed as the basic and important equipment in the first phase of drilling, it is important that users choose good quality shale shakers and maintain them as is required.