The piling slurry separation system is a combined device

KOSUN slurry separation system can be used for slurry treatment in non-drilling industries, HDD, reversing crossing, shield tunneling, pipe jacking, drilling rigs, double-wheel milling machines, three-axis mixing, diaphragm walls, etc. The piling slurry separation system is an economical purification system that separates solids from drilling mud. It is mainly used in construction piling engineering where it is required to remove coarse particles in the mud.

The piling slurry separation system consists of a coarse particle separation process and a hydro cyclone separation process. After the mud enters the piling slurry separation system, the coarse particles are screened out by a shale shaker. The liquid will be pumped to the hydrocyclone unit for fine particle separation. The piling slurry separation system has a built-in pump system, buffer tank, and electric control system. Various purification process designs enable the system to separate fine particles to meet the needs of users.

The piling slurry separation system is a combined device that gradually separates large particles and fine particles. Considering the limitation of the work site area, the design of the piling mud-water separation system occupies a small area and is easy to move in the inner space of the city. For large-capacity active mud storage, users Additional storage tanks can be made, which are very convenient to connect to the piling mud-water separation system.

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