The key points of the design of mud agitator

The mud agitator has a sturdy structure and a compact size. The aspect ratio of the mud agitator is approximately 1:1, so the center of gravity is low and the stability is good. When the impeller encounters an instantaneous impact load, it is safer.

Because the mud agitator is equipped with a simple and high-strength unipolar worm gear reducer, it runs smoothly and evenly. The ability of the worm gear to withstand shock and vibration is more than 50% higher than that of the helical gear two-stage reduction gear of the corresponding specification. When the speed ratio reaches 60:1 and 80:1, the efficiency of the turbine transmission is lower. However, the reduction ratio of the new worm gear transmission is 20:1. Practice has proved that it has extremely high efficiency and shows the advantages that other types of gear transmissions do not have.

In order to make the mud in the mud tank agitate uniformly, according to the liquid flow spectrum, it is proved that when the blade of evil theory is inclined at 60 degrees, the axial and radial flow are equal. When the liquid touches the leaf, it is forced to move down to the bottom of the pot, and then back up along the tank wall. This movement continuously mixes the mud at the top and bottom so that the mud in each part of the tank has the same concentration. When the mud is pumped into the well, it helps to eliminate operational difficulties caused by uneven light and heavy mud.

However, most mud agitators are recommended to install impeller blades with a 60 degree inclination angle. The user’s experience proves that this kind of agitator can mix very uniformly within its applicable range.

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