KOSUN MD series high efficiency mud cleaner

KOSUN MD series high efficiency mud cleaner is the second and third level solid control equipment in the drilling fluid purification system, which can further separate the smaller particles solid phase contained in the mud treated by the shaker, so that the mud can enter the fourth level separation equipment. The mud cleaner can be used alone, or its bottom flow vibrating screen can be used as a parallel standby device of the first solid control vibrating screen.

Precautions for use of KOSUN MD series mud cleaner:

1. The hydrocyclone is an important separation and classification equipment of mud cleaner. In the process of use, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hydrocyclone.

2. When the fluid ejected from the cyclone group is not uniform umbrella shape, the appropriate knob drip nozzle, and observe until return to the normal state.

3. For the use effect and service life of the hydrocyclone, the drip nozzle and other parts should be cleaned and maintained normally.

4. When the bottom flow screen does not move in accordance with the prescribed track, the installation direction may be wrong or there is a problem with the motor circuit, the power should be immediately disconnected to check the motor or circuit, to ensure its return to normal.

5. If the bottom flow sieve appears the phenomenon of running pulp or blocking the sieve, the Angle of the sieve box should be adjusted in time, and ensure that the selected sieve mesh is suitable for the mud to be treated.

6. Always observe and test the bottom flow screen. The damaged screen should be replaced or repaired in time. After each time out of use to the bottom flow screen and screen do necessary cleaning.

7. Regular cleaning and inspection should be carried out on each part of the mud cleaner to ensure the use effect and service life.

Drying Shaker Provided by Kosun Manufacturer

Drying Shaker

Drying shaker  is used to recover water-based or oil-based drilling fluid from chips to reduce the hydraulic ratio by 10% and significantly reduce waste disposal costs.

Drying Shaker are segments of penetrating gear utilized as a part of numerous ventures, for example, coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas boring. They are the principal period of a solids control framework on a penetrating apparatus, and are utilized to expel extensive solids (cuttings) from the boring liquid.

Drying shaker is considered, by the greater part of the penetrating business, to be the most critical gadget in the strong control framework as the execution of the progressive gear specifically identifies with the cleanliness of the treated boring liquid.

drying shaker
drying shaker

On the other side, A desander is generally organized by rearward over the traverse of action of solids control furnish, with a desander rotate as the subsequent dealing with unit.

Desanders are gone before by gas busters, gumbo launch gear (if used), shale shaker , mud cleaner (if used) and a vacuum degasser. Desanders are broadly utilized as a bit of oilfield penetrating. Hone has demonstrated that hydrocyclone desanders are budgetary and persuading gear.

On the inverse side, Hi-g drying shaker is sections of penetrating contraption utilized as a bit of different attempts, for example, coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas debilitating. They are the essential time of a solids control framework on an invading mechanical get together, and are utilized to evacuate expansive solids (cuttings) from the debilitating liquid.

Drying Shaker are considered, by the majority of the entering business, to be the most fundamental contraption in the strong control structure as the execution of the dynamic mechanical assembly especially identifies with the cleanliness of the treated depleting liquid.

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