Performance characteristics of KOSUN shield mud circulation system

KOSUN Shield Mud Circulation System is applied to the solid-liquid separation and mud circulation treatment sites in the large-scale construction process such as the mud-water balance shield, which can effectively extend the life of the circulating mud, reduce the use of chemicals and the amount of waste mud, and save a lot of users the cost of mud treatment, and the fast and high-quality mud treatment capacity can effectively increase the construction speed, save a lot of time and cost, and bring obvious benefits to users.

Performance characteristics of KOSUN shield mud circulation system:

1. The moisture content of comprehensive slag discharge is less than 30%, which can realize dry material transportation and save transportation costs.

2. The particle size of the material is up to 20um, which can keep the mud circulating for a long time, prolong the service life of the mud, reduce the amount of waste slurry discharge, and save the waste discharge cost.

3. Translational ellipse + linear dual-track screening technology, through three motors to realize the linear + translational elliptic dual-track technology of the shale shaker, the linear trajectory separation of hard materials, and the translational elliptical separation of soft materials to ensure no sand accumulation on site. Solve the problem that the material is easy to be broken through the screen and different materials are difficult to separate.

4. The key parts are manufactured with high wear resistance and the equipment has a longer service life.

KOSUN shield mud circulation system is highly integrated design, small footprint, high separation accuracy, long mud life; modular three-stage separation design, different modules can be equipped with dual-track screening technology according to user requirements, any sticky mud layer no accumulation of materials, low moisture content of the slag discharge, and maintain the normal operation of the equipment for a long time.

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