Shale Shaker Types Used in Solids Control

KOSUN S™ series shale shaker types consist of linear motion shale shakers and Balanced Elliptical Motion shakers.

Shale Shaker Types
Shale Shaker Types

Linear Motion Shale Shaker of Kosun is especially effective while drilling top-hole sections where heavy and high-volume solids are usually encountered. In these intervals, shakers may generate powerful G-forces and its effective vibrating motion can quickly remove the dense solids from screens and particles from wells.

Features of Kosun’s Linear Motion Shale Shaker:

-G-forces linear motion up to 7.4 G ( adjustable depending on the situation )

-Hi-speed conveyance of cuttings

-Higher processing capacity

-Able to process heavier solids loads

-Enhances cuttings processing volume

-AWD device is adjustable from -1°~5°

-Single side shale shaker screens tension system to easily change the screen

-Shale shaker feeder can be weir feeder or box feeder

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker Usage: In drilling top-hole sections where heavy, high-volume solids, it can remove viscous solids and eliminate larger particles in drilling fluids.

Balanced Elliptical Motion shakers
Balanced Elliptical Motion shakers

Balanced Elliptical Motion shale Shaker Features & Benefits:

  1. Uniform elliptical motion at all points on basket
  2. G-forces ( 6.5G’s maximum )
  3. Optimizes solids removal
  4. Maximizes drilling-fluids recovery
  5. Extends screen service life
  6. Deck angle adjusting device from -1°~5°
  7. Single side shale shaker screens tension system to easily change the screens
  8. Shaker feeder can be weir type and header box(Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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