Working Principle of Shale Shaker

Working Principle of shale shaker

When the shale shaker is working, the two synchronous motor reverse rotation so that the exciter produce reverse excitation force, forcing the sieve mesh sieve to do longitudinal movement, so that the material on the subject by the exciting force and periodically throw forward a range to complete the material screening operations. Shale shaker is suitable for screening quarry stone, also for coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical industries for product classification.

Shale shaker working part is not moving, by sliding along the face of the material so that the material is screened. Fixed grid sieve is more commonly used in the concentrator, generally used for pre-screening coarse or broken before. It is simple in structure and easy to manufacture.

Shale shaker working face is composed of a horizontal scroll shaft, the plate has a shaft, the fine material from the gap between the roller or plate through. Large pieces of material driven by the roller to move one end and discharged from the end. Working part of the shaker cylindrical, the sieve around the cylinder axis rotation, the axis installed in general tilt. Material is fed from one end of the cylinder, fine-grained material passes through the mesh openings in the cylindrical work surface and coarse material is discharged from the other end of the cylinder.

Shale Shaker
Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker is a vibration screening machinery used for treating refractory materials. The shale shaker has the process characteristics of large amplitude, high vibration intensity, lower frequency and flexible screen surface. During the work process, shale shaker always maintain the largest open-hole rate with high screening efficiency, processing capacity, easy to replace sieve, reducing costs. Shale shaker large screen surface and large processing capacity can meet the production needs of the scene.

KOSUN S™ series Shale Shakers family consist of linear motion (LS) shale shakers and Balanced Elliptical Motion (ES) Shale Shakers.

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Mongoose Shaker Parts Dealers – Kosun Manufacturer

Mongoose Shaker Parts Dealers

The Mongoose series screen is a spare part of the Mongoose series shale shaker for M-I Swaco.

Mongoose Shaker Parts Dealers- Kosun Manufacturer with more than 20 years experience that can provide a replacement screen for the MI Swaco shaker, including the Mongoose, BEM and MD series vibrating screens.

All other shaking tables are not single deck, except for honey shaker, so the main and stripping screen is different.


This product is a wear part of the shale shaker, mainly divided into soft screen, sieve plate type screen and frame plate screen.

Characterized :

1.wear resistance

2.wear resistance

3.temperature grade

4. low cost

5.easy disassembly

6.conductive (powder) liquid

7.good capture (waste) effect.

Mongoose Shaker replacement
Mongoose Shaker replacement

Performance: acid, alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, tensile resistance, high resistance to wear and use the longest time of 360 hours.

Purpose: shale shaker parts used in acid and alkali conditions oil mud solid liquid screening and


All verified swaco mongoose shaker screen suppliers & swaco mongoose shaker screen manufacturers – Kosun Manufacturer  have passed business license check, Kosun can offer high quality swaco mongoose shaker screen products replacement.

Product features: the main characteristic of oil shale shaker sieve is in the process of screening


The replacement screen for the MI-Swaco shale oscillator combines a proven grid combination with a diamond plate to increase the efficiency of the vibrating screen while extending the screen life.

These screens are designed to meet the exact design specifications of Swaco’s shale shaker and can be mounted directly on the device using a block wedge or hook. Replacement Screen There are a variety of grid combinations that are best suited for drilling applications.

China Mongoose Shaker Screen products replacement offered by China Kosun Shaker Screen manufacturers. Mongoose Shale Shaker, Wholesale Various High Quality Mongoose Shale Shaker Products from Global Mongoose Shale Shaker Suppliers and Mongoose Shale Shaker.

Mixing and Grouting Plants of Kosun Manufacturer

Mixing and Grouting Plants

Mixing and Grouting Plants – KOSUN MA series of mud agitators are part of the drilling fluid solid control equipment, mainly used for mixing and grouting plants drilling mud to prevent the solid particles settling in the circulating tank.

The KOSUN MA Series Mud Mixer is part of the drilling fluid solid control unit and is used primarily for mixing and mixing drilling mud to prevent solid particles from depositing in the circulation tank and stabilizing the performance of the drilling fluid.

Mixing and Grouting Plants
Mixing and Grouting Plants

By the explosion-proof motor, reducer, motor base and blade composition. The motor reducer, reducer and impeller shaft are connected via a steel coupling. Impeller with four blades welded.

Mud Mixer Features and Benefits:

1.Helical gear reducer

2.Explosion-proof motor

3.Power range from 2.2 to 22KW

4. Capable of handling 20 ppg drilling fluid

5. Compact, quiet, smooth and easy to maintain
Kosun Solid Control as a professional manufacturer of soap control equipment, we have designed a large number of high quality products. In order to maintain mud homogeneity and solid suspensions, the slurry agitator can continuously and reliably mix the slurry.

The agitator stirs the mud so that the mud, sediment and sand pass through the solid control system without precipitating at the bottom of the tank. As a single turbine reducer, the product is compact, light weight, transmission balance, low noise, high transmission efficiency, strong stirring. Therefore, it is a reliable product in solid control systems.

Chinese manufacturer Kosun Solid Controls provides drilling mud mixing equipment for the rest of the world. We are exporters of drilling mud slurry mixers in India, Russia, and the Middle East. Our factories and companies are quality management system ISO 9001-2000 certification .

Kosun  solid control operation of international oil and gas drilling mud separation system sales, service, manufacturing, distribution services. Chinese manufacturer’s drilling fluid slurry agitator. Your best mud agitator is used to drill mud circulation system.