Hi-G Drying Shaker for drilling waste management

Hi-G Drying Shaker is a kind of equipment of drilling waste management system, and is used to separate drilling fluid from cuttings treated by solids control equipment.

Drying Shaker
Drying Shaker

It features in two advantages:
1.It reduces total cuttings discharge amount, discharge cost and environmental pollution;
2.The recovered drilling fluid can be recycled, which reduces the cost of drilling fluid.

KOSUN LS584-D Hi-G Drying Shaker is a high frequency linear-motion vibrating screen machine, equipped with four screen panels and two vibrating motors, and offering a choice of manually adjusting screen frame angle while drilling (AWD). When LS584-D Hi-G Drying Shaker works, the screen frame angle can be adjusted from -1° to +5° by dint of its structural design innovation.

LS584-D Hi-G Drying Shaker can separate drilling fluid from cuttings efficiently. Fix vibrating motors onto the screen frame with a high-strength supporting seat, and position them on the screen box, and the positioning in this way can make vibrating motors directly exert G-forces on screens. The isolation mounts can protect the bedframe from vibration effect of the screen frame. Cuttings are fed into a hopper at the tail of screen box of LS584-D dryer by a conveying device.

drying shaker sizes
drying shaker sizes

Field-proven tensioning system is of stable performance and reliable structure. It takes less than two minutes for a person to install or remove one screen using special tools.

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