Drilling Fluids Shale Shakers- KOSUN

As the 1st part of mud utilization,drilling fluids shale shakers are often expeditiously have an effect on the improvement method. KOSUN shale shakers with shear pump is animated by G force, which might be adjusted accruing to the various scenario. In general, the GHB force are often additional to seven.4G. So, shale shaker screen will change the force in accordance with their totally different things.

drilling fluids shale shaker
drilling fluids shale shaker

KOSUN field shale shakers is nice at the significant solid hundreds and high process capability. Every time, the device permits bearing lots of solids. With an explicit amount, KOSUN drilling fluids shale shakers might have a decent performance to separate and clean. Besides, mud gun options the only deck. The AWD angle is allowed to be adjusted from -1°to 5°. So, mud gun might create a decent adjustment thus on transfer, separate and clean mud.

KOSUN shale shakers for lubricator system has not solely technical options, however additionally some advantages. for instance, the decanter centrifuge instrumentality has low energy consumption, Drilling Waste Management high production and automatic performance. decanter centrifuge is most significantly, field shale shakers offered by KOSUN shear pump options straightforward structure, however DWM Solids Control’s excellent compact style, that is definitely to be maintained. Contact us for additional data concerning sedimentary rock shaker.

shale shaker
shale shaker

As a necessary part of solids management instrumentality, sedimentary rock shaker plays a very important role within the field.It’s the primary stage of solids control system. without doubt, lubricator shale shaker screen is crucial. KOSUN solid control system has reliable field drilling shale shaker screen, that has many distinctive options in Dwm control.

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Types of Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker

Types of Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker:

1) Linear motion shale shaker. It is the most common shaker model for oil and gas drilling solids control system;

2) Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker. It is not recommended for oil and gas drilling since the flow capacity is big. If the mud flow is not equal, the motion of shaker will be changed. And performance will not be good. Mostly, professional users prefer linear motion for wide application.

shale shaker
shale shaker

Functions of Solids Control Equipment-Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is the first stage separation equipment for oilfield drilling mud cleaning system. It utilizes vibrating motor to generate vibrating strength. The vibrating strength drives the drilling mud to go through the shale shaker. When the drilling mud goes through the shale shaker screen, clean mud will filter into mud tank. Not allowable bigger solids will pass the screen surface and be discharged.

Separation Size of Solids Control Equipment – Shale Shaker

The separation size of shale shaker depends on shale shaker screen size. We call it API size or mesh size. The API defers from API 20 to API 325 per API RP13 standard.Through changing different API size shale shaker screen, the shale shaker can separate solids size min. above 40μm (at API 325 shaker screen).If you do not need to separate so fine solids, you can choose more fine shaker screen, like 800μm.The common screen API size for shale shaker is API60, API80, API100, API140, API160. Customer can choose the suitable size per drilling mud condition.

AWD Angle Adjustment System for KOSUN Shale Shaker

KOSUN AWD angle adjustment system for shale shaker is a patented design. It is synchronized change for both sides. You can adjust from any side, the angle change is the same for both sides.

KOSUN has options for AWD angle adjustment: Left side of the drilling shale shaker is a small motor for automatic control. And there is control for the small motor on shale shaker control panel. Right side of the shaker utilizes tools for angle adjustment. KOSUN will offer tools together with the shaker. Customer can choose any way to change the angle.

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Drilling Waste Management Equipments top Supplier

Drilling waste management equipments are used for process drilling waste from solids control system. The main equipments will including high g dryer shaker, vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw pump, screw conveyor, solidification system, chemical mixing unit, etc.Kosun Solids Control is one of the top suppliers of drilling waste management equipments in China. The equipments choose and layout will be depending on drilling waste and client requirement. Amount all drilling waste management equipments, hi g dryer shaker, vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge are the key equipments.

Drilling Waste Management Equipments

Drilling Waste Management Equipments Supplier– Kosun Solids Control

Kosun Solids Control is a manufacturer for drilling waste management equipments, solids control equipments and oil sludge treatment system in China. Kosun manufacture the top technology of Hi G dryer shaker, decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. Other than equipments, Kosun hold an shaker screen factory in xi’an city to supply a series of replace shaker screen with various type design. The shaker screen build 3 layer and super thin mesh for better screen performance.

Drilling Waste Management Equipments – Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Vertical cuttings dryer is design like a vertical centrifuge with 900RPM speed to dry solids and separate fluids out through a screen basket. It will be used for oil base mud drilling cuttings to dry solids with oil content bellow 5 percent. For the screen basket, the mesh size can be customized from 0.25 to 1.0mm.

Drilling Waste Management Equipments – Hi G Dryer Shaker

Hi G dryer shaker is design to dry solids by a high G force to separate solids though shaker screen. It is used for waster base mud drilling cuttings mainly. The shaker screen mesh size will be depending on drilling waste conditions. The G force will be fixed on 8.0 – 8.5G to reach an application.
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