Replacement Derrick Shale Shaker by Manufacturer Kosun

Derrick Shale Shaker Replacement

Derrick shale shaker replacement is high quality low price and attact clients at home and abroad.

Derrick Shale Shaker , usually is referred as first line of protection for the very expensive drilling fluid. It is basically used to control the solid and also recycle as much as possible the valuable drilling fluid.

Thus Shale Shaker is important component for both solid control system and the mud system as purity of fluid passing through this directly affects the efficiency of the successive machine in line.

Replacement Derrick  shale shakers by Kosun  are important tool in drilling waste management as waste screened by this while be directly transferred to other equipment. Shale shaker is useful for separating waste of diameter above 75 µm. Components of shale shakers are hopper, feeder, screen basket, vibrator and basket angling mechanism.

Replacement Derrick Shale Shaker
Replacement Derrick shale shaker

Hopper commonly known as base of the collection of underflow which is nothing but processed drilling fluid from the shaker screens . These come in various dimensions to accommodate drilling fluid as per need.

Feeder can also be referred as accumulation pan. The main function of feeder is to collect the processed drilling fluid and thus it comes in various sizes and shapes as per requirements.

Screen Basket is simply known as bed and is also important part of shale shaker. Its function is to transfer the shaking intensity of the machine. And also has to keep this motion equal in all parts of the basket. Shaking intensity is measured in “G’s”.

Basket Angling Mechanism- To allow the flow rates of drilling fluids and to maximize the use of the shaker bed, shale shaker has to keep changing its angles. This is when Basket Angling Mechanism comes into existence. Angling mechanisms recently used ranges from hydraulic to pneumatic and mechanical.

Vibrator is a component that provides the vibratory force and also the motion type to the shale shaker. For various motions specialized electric motors are designed. Like for rotary motion eccentric weights are added and for linear motions vibrators are placed parallel to first.

Derrick shale shaker replacement  by Kosun with high quality low price with more than 20 years experience in solid control system. Welcome to contact us if you need.

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