Drilling Fluids Shale Shakers- KOSUN

As the 1st part of mud utilization,drilling fluids shale shakers are often expeditiously have an effect on the improvement method. KOSUN shale shakers with shear pump is animated by G force, which might be adjusted accruing to the various scenario. In general, the GHB force are often additional to seven.4G. So, shale shaker screen will change the force in accordance with their totally different things.

drilling fluids shale shaker
drilling fluids shale shaker

KOSUN field shale shakers is nice at the significant solid hundreds and high process capability. Every time, the device permits bearing lots of solids. With an explicit amount, KOSUN drilling fluids shale shakers might have a decent performance to separate and clean. Besides, mud gun options the only deck. The AWD angle is allowed to be adjusted from -1°to 5°. So, mud gun might create a decent adjustment thus on transfer, separate and clean mud.

KOSUN shale shakers for lubricator system has not solely technical options, however additionally some advantages. for instance, the decanter centrifuge instrumentality has low energy consumption, Drilling Waste Management high production and automatic performance. decanter centrifuge is most significantly, field shale shakers offered by KOSUN shear pump options straightforward structure, however DWM Solids Control’s excellent compact style, that is definitely to be maintained. Contact us for additional data concerning sedimentary rock shaker.

shale shaker
shale shaker

As a necessary part of solids management instrumentality, sedimentary rock shaker plays a very important role within the field.It’s the primary stage of solids control system. without doubt, lubricator shale shaker screen is crucial. KOSUN solid control system has reliable field drilling shale shaker screen, that has many distinctive options in Dwm control.

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Types of Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker

Types of Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker:

1) Linear motion shale shaker. It is the most common shaker model for oil and gas drilling solids control system;

2) Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker. It is not recommended for oil and gas drilling since the flow capacity is big. If the mud flow is not equal, the motion of shaker will be changed. And performance will not be good. Mostly, professional users prefer linear motion for wide application.

shale shaker
shale shaker

Functions of Solids Control Equipment-Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is the first stage separation equipment for oilfield drilling mud cleaning system. It utilizes vibrating motor to generate vibrating strength. The vibrating strength drives the drilling mud to go through the shale shaker. When the drilling mud goes through the shale shaker screen, clean mud will filter into mud tank. Not allowable bigger solids will pass the screen surface and be discharged.

Separation Size of Solids Control Equipment – Shale Shaker

The separation size of shale shaker depends on shale shaker screen size. We call it API size or mesh size. The API defers from API 20 to API 325 per API RP13 standard.Through changing different API size shale shaker screen, the shale shaker can separate solids size min. above 40μm (at API 325 shaker screen).If you do not need to separate so fine solids, you can choose more fine shaker screen, like 800μm.The common screen API size for shale shaker is API60, API80, API100, API140, API160. Customer can choose the suitable size per drilling mud condition.

AWD Angle Adjustment System for KOSUN Shale Shaker

KOSUN AWD angle adjustment system for shale shaker is a patented design. It is synchronized change for both sides. You can adjust from any side, the angle change is the same for both sides.

KOSUN has options for AWD angle adjustment: Left side of the drilling shale shaker is a small motor for automatic control. And there is control for the small motor on shale shaker control panel. Right side of the shaker utilizes tools for angle adjustment. KOSUN will offer tools together with the shaker. Customer can choose any way to change the angle.

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Drilling Waste Management Equipments top Supplier

Drilling waste management equipments are used for process drilling waste from solids control system. The main equipments will including high g dryer shaker, vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw pump, screw conveyor, solidification system, chemical mixing unit, etc.Kosun Solids Control is one of the top suppliers of drilling waste management equipments in China. The equipments choose and layout will be depending on drilling waste and client requirement. Amount all drilling waste management equipments, hi g dryer shaker, vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge are the key equipments.

Drilling Waste Management Equipments

Drilling Waste Management Equipments Supplier– Kosun Solids Control

Kosun Solids Control is a manufacturer for drilling waste management equipments, solids control equipments and oil sludge treatment system in China. Kosun manufacture the top technology of Hi G dryer shaker, decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. Other than equipments, Kosun hold an shaker screen factory in xi’an city to supply a series of replace shaker screen with various type design. The shaker screen build 3 layer and super thin mesh for better screen performance.

Drilling Waste Management Equipments – Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Vertical cuttings dryer is design like a vertical centrifuge with 900RPM speed to dry solids and separate fluids out through a screen basket. It will be used for oil base mud drilling cuttings to dry solids with oil content bellow 5 percent. For the screen basket, the mesh size can be customized from 0.25 to 1.0mm.

Drilling Waste Management Equipments – Hi G Dryer Shaker

Hi G dryer shaker is design to dry solids by a high G force to separate solids though shaker screen. It is used for waster base mud drilling cuttings mainly. The shaker screen mesh size will be depending on drilling waste conditions. The G force will be fixed on 8.0 – 8.5G to reach an application.
Kosun- Solid Control System Company

Solids Control Equipment Decanter Centrifuge for sale by KOSUN

KOSUN LW series decanter centrifuge is used in separating suspension of solid phase with particle diameter d≥2μm for drilling mud and fluids handling. Ruggedly built for oilfield and industrial services, it is especially effective in environmentally sensitive areas. It delivers high fluid-recovery rates and efficient solids control to significantly reduce the costs of makeup fluids and disposal. The decanter centrifuge is precision –balanced for smooth operation over long periods at speeds of 0 to 3900 RPM, generating centrifugal forces up to 3000G’s.

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge for sale by KOSUN

Decanter centrifuge for sale by KOSUN consists of a cylindrical rotor, a casing, an electric motor, and three lines for material to travel. The gas centrifuge is designed with a casing that completely encloses the centrifuge. The drilling mud decanter centrifuges can separate fine particles well, for separating 5~7μm particles in drilling mud, usually use medium speed decanter centrifuge, for less then 2μm, usually use high speed decanter centrifuges.

KOSUN decanter centrifuge features:

  1. Innovative design includes longer bowl for increased retention time, resulting in drier solids and finer cut points
  2. Big bowl Big Volume, high G force available
  3. Stainless steel bowl, scroll, compartment and cover resist corrosion and provide long service life.
  4. Tungsten carbide scroll points with wide spacing flights at tapered end create a finer layer of conveyed solids for consistent, uniform separation and maximum solids control efficiency.
  5. German FAG or Sweden SKF brand bearings
  6. Electrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider ATEX or IEC Ex for option.
  7. Screw pump & centrifugal pump feeding pump option available to meet different application.

As a solids control equipment decanter centrifuge manufacturer, KOSUN supply other solids control equipment for sale, including shale shaker, shale shaker screen, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser,decanter centrifuge , centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, shear pump, mud agitator, mud gun, drilling fluid mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud tank, diesel tank, water tank, complete solids control system, etc.

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The Component of the Solid Control System

Solid control system is also called drilling fluids purification system, primarily applied for solids control and solid-fluid separation in drilling fluids so that the drilling mud might be recycled. Consisted of 3-7 module composite tanks and configured with 4 phases of purification equipment, it is fit for 2000-7000 meter oil drilling processes. The whole system is innovative with the bottoms of its purification tanks made to be conical and its edges equipped with mud agitating system to prevent solids from depositing. Besides, its tanks and bins may be comparted or united depending on the demands of drilling processes. Each of them is connected to another via pipe network in which the valves at the bottom of suction pipes are flexible while being opened, but can turn to be a good seal when closed.

The Component of the  Solid Control System:

The first main equipment for solid control system should be the vacuum degasser,We could analytics from the function of vacuum degasser. Generally speaking, horizontal vacuum degasser will be used to separate the gas from the drilling solids. What’s the reason to do like that? Because we should do everything to prevent any dangerous elements in oil & gas drilling fields. That’s why we should put the vacuum degasser as the first role.

The second one should be mud cleaner. KOSUN MD Series Mud Cleaner is the second stage separation equipment for drilling fluids, which deals with the mud being treated by the first grade separation equipment. The barite will be recovered and cuttings which are bigger than barite will be removed. Then the barite in the underflow will flow into circulation tanks through the screens when the weighted mud passes while the particles that are bigger than mesh will be removed.

The third equipment, we think it should be shale shaker (with necessary steel frame shaker screen). Actually, after the drilling solids have been transported and fed into vacuum degasser and mud cleaner, the third step is going with shale shaker. Commonly, we still need to be transported the solids onto the shale shaker, or we could say onto the surface of shaker screen. The equipment of transporting we should use is centrifugal sand pump or screw pump; and we may use shear pump to cut the drilling solids into small one if they are in big size. With the different design of the shaker screen’s mesh, we could get the drilling solids separated in different sizes.

The fourth equipment should be the decanter centrifuge. KOSUN DC Series Decanter Centrifuge is used to separate suspended solids ≥2μm in diameter and treat the drilling mud and fluids. It is especially effective when used in oilfield service industry, industrial service industry and especially in environmentally sensitive areas. This type of centrifuge is high in recovery rate, effective in solids control and remarkable in the reduction of cost spent on drilling mud resupplying and management. It is a very sophisticated dynamic balancing machine, able to operate stably with the whirling speed ranging from 0 to 3900 and generate centrifugal force of 3000G. In solid control system, decanter centrifuge has been popularly used, which is also the popular one for drilling waste management. In this step, we could not only get the result of separating, but also we could separate the oil from the drilling solids, even if the oil is just a little part.

Of course, the whole equipment must be mounted on the top of drilling mud tank, which is a kind of basic equipment for both solid control system and drilling waste management (vertical cutting dryer is the core equipment for this system), but it is a kind of powerful equipment.

Kosun- Solid Control System Company

Inspection and Maintenance of Drying Shaker

Drying Shaker

Drying Shaker is one of the solid control equipment in drilling waste purification system and Kosun with more than 20 years experience in this aspects.

Drying shaker of maintenance is straightforward, while there are a considerable measure of basic disappointments additionally, we have to comprehend the normal deficiencies of boring liquid shaker and how to manage. The following are some common problems faced concerning the drying  shaker:

The vibration engine pivot turn out to be gradually, and there is a heading warming:
This demonstrates the typical upkeep of the shale shaker was not done well, and the bearing is shy of greasing up oil, if the oil is recently included the reason will be oil quality issues or get too full, second rate oil make the bearing square so oil quality is very essential.

drying shaker
drying shaker

The poor screening nature of penetrating drying shaker:
This issues may for the most part brought on by the mis operation, it might be the  shaker screen work blockage, fine grain size and increment of water substance in the strainer material, the sifter material layer is too thick, sustaining imbalance, etc. May both sides of the screen is not tight, in the event that it is an offbeat shaft vibration may the belt is too free, a time of invert revolution can be taken after the mechanical preparing is finished keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the nature of screening.

Shaft break of shale  shaker box:
In the event that the screen box has been because of absence of inflexibility, flat level did not recognize, will bring about the shaft crack, on the off chance that it still in operation will likewise make the material stream peculiarities. There likewise might be uncalled for operation, that is the imbalanced sustaining is additionally one reason.

The shale shaker can’t begin or plentiful is too little:
Ought to check whether the aggregation of oil on the electrical machine is excessively, if so we ought to expel stores on the vibrating screen.

Drying Shaker for Sale  by Manufacturer Kosun serving clients at home and abroad and been praised good in performance.

Drying Shaker for Sale Cover all over the World

drying shaker for sale

A spring-stacked plunger and reversible pawl give a tightening activity amid development of the working handle. An entire 180 degrees of development is conceivable in both bearings.

Contingent upon pawl setting, moving the handle in one course turns the jack screw to raise or lower the screen outline, while in the other bearing the jack screw stays stationary amid handle development. The spring-stacked pawl allows the administrator to change the bearing to either raise or lower the shale shaker screen outline, as required.

The point of the release end of the shaker screen edge is endlessly movable inside the hardware’s accessible range.

drying shaker for sale
drying shaker for sale

There, certainly, are some precautions to be taken while operating a drying Shaker :
1.Assess release channel association on side of container for breaks. Fix association as well as add silicone sealant to avert spillage.
2.Review cover on unused container release association for breaks. Fix association as well as add silicone sealant to avert spillage.
3.Utilizing a water hose, wash off gathered process material from screen outline, inside of container and AWD point alteration parts.
4.Abundance prepare material in these regions may hinder edge alteration of screen edge and can lessen screen outline vibration if the edge bottoms out on the development.
5.Check for and evacuate any aggregation of process material or other hindrance in feeder inside. Feeder blockage may bring about over the top sprinkling and uneven dissemination of slurry onto the screen bed.

Examine whole machine for proof of covering harm, including uncovered base metal, consumption, profound scratches, or different voids. Repair harmed zones as per covering makers’ particulars.

To make sure the operation of the shale shaker and normal usage life on screen, the operator need to make sure parts like wedges, screw cap bolt and springs on the shale shakers are installed correctly with no signs of wrongdoing. The operator installs the screens according the operation manual provide it from the seller.

Replacement Derrick Shale Shaker by Manufacturer Kosun

Derrick Shale Shaker Replacement

Derrick shale shaker replacement is high quality low price and attact clients at home and abroad.

Derrick Shale Shaker , usually is referred as first line of protection for the very expensive drilling fluid. It is basically used to control the solid and also recycle as much as possible the valuable drilling fluid.

Thus Shale Shaker is important component for both solid control system and the mud system as purity of fluid passing through this directly affects the efficiency of the successive machine in line.

Replacement Derrick  shale shakers by Kosun  are important tool in drilling waste management as waste screened by this while be directly transferred to other equipment. Shale shaker is useful for separating waste of diameter above 75 µm. Components of shale shakers are hopper, feeder, screen basket, vibrator and basket angling mechanism.

Replacement Derrick Shale Shaker
Replacement Derrick shale shaker

Hopper commonly known as base of the collection of underflow which is nothing but processed drilling fluid from the shaker screens . These come in various dimensions to accommodate drilling fluid as per need.

Feeder can also be referred as accumulation pan. The main function of feeder is to collect the processed drilling fluid and thus it comes in various sizes and shapes as per requirements.

Screen Basket is simply known as bed and is also important part of shale shaker. Its function is to transfer the shaking intensity of the machine. And also has to keep this motion equal in all parts of the basket. Shaking intensity is measured in “G’s”.

Basket Angling Mechanism- To allow the flow rates of drilling fluids and to maximize the use of the shaker bed, shale shaker has to keep changing its angles. This is when Basket Angling Mechanism comes into existence. Angling mechanisms recently used ranges from hydraulic to pneumatic and mechanical.

Vibrator is a component that provides the vibratory force and also the motion type to the shale shaker. For various motions specialized electric motors are designed. Like for rotary motion eccentric weights are added and for linear motions vibrators are placed parallel to first.

Derrick shale shaker replacement  by Kosun with high quality low price with more than 20 years experience in solid control system. Welcome to contact us if you need.

Drying Shaker for Sale 5 Percent Off by Kosun

Drying Shaker for Sale

Drying shaker for sale by Kosun has attracted clients at home and abroad, and the drying shaker for sale this time mainly used in geographical engineering for mining of coal or other diesel products.

As per screening practices, decrease drilling mud amount in unit, the shaker screensof drying shaker for sale  is favorable to improve screening effect. When filled upto 80% to its capacity shale shaker performs as much as it could. So make sure that the shaker screen is big enough to conduct screening drilling mud which always think 2:1 rate for the length to width of the screen is the best design. Thus improving shaker screen will facilitate better working of shale shaker.

drying shaker for sale
drying shaker for sale

Size of shaker screens matters too! When a bigger size shaker screen is used in shale shaker it not only increases the vibration strength and amplitude but also improves the hitting force and shearing force reacted by shale screen to drilling mud and decreasing adhesive force between solid particles. Meanwhile, this measure is good at avoiding block of the screen to some extent, realizing drilling mud shearing and separation.

Basket angling mechanism-proper angling control the drilling mud flowing speed. Generally, big angle is faster than that of small angle. Although this practice is with big volume of shale shaker, it really does low efficiency. So, according to experience, it’s fine to keep cutting fluids speed <0.6m/S and 15 degrees for the screen.

Adding many layers screens to shale shaker- different particles are resent with different sizes thus to eliminate these multi-layer screen shale shaker can be used.  Setting several layers of screen with bigger mesh form low to upper screens help to improve the shaking screen efficiency.

Proper cleansing and maintenance ways of the drying shaker for sale is important.  If cleaned by brushes or sticks it can lead to damage of the screen. It is must to use proper cleansing solutions . Never use water with an oil or synthetic based mud. For maintenance of the shaker ensure the shaker components are in good order; rubber supports, tensioning mounts etc.

Functions of Solid Control Equipment – Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker is a key component of the solid  control equipment for the drilling industry. Drilling operations use drilling techniques to penetrate deep into the surface to achieve fossil fuels, and in this quest, the mudstone machine first needs to be sampled to determine the depth and quality of the rock it penetrates. In the oil field excavation, assuming that the offshore site, the drilling will be completed with the help of the rig.


Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker
Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

The drill bit itself will carry cuttings, which are basically shredded with drilling mud. The mud collector will extract these shavings from the drill for further analysis. As mentioned earlier in the article, the drilling fluid is very expensive, so the operator must recover the drilling fluid from the drilling waste . To this end, the use of various solid control devices, where the shale oscillator is the most important.

The vibrating screen with a vibrating   screen helps to separate the cuttings from the drilling fluid and direct the separated drilling fluid to a separate container for further processing and handling. The dried solids, i.e., the drilling chips, are transported to a separate container for further processing and disposal.

A very important factor in solid control systems is its contribution to environmental balance. If the efficiency of the solid control system is not high enough, the cuttings are likely to carry some drilling fluids containing chemical substances that may be harmful to the environment and cause contamination of the soil or groundwater. For environmental reasons, the drilling industry follows the strict rules for drilling waste treatment .

All in all, the main function of the shale shaker is to filter the drilling waste through an effective shaker screen shield, thus contributing to the overall drilling operations and the economy of environmental precautions.