The Classification of Shale Shakers

The Classification of Shale Shakers

– According to use, shale shakers can be divided into mining shaker, light fine shaker, Vibrating shaker.

-Mine shaker can be divided into: high-efficiency heavy-duty shaker, self-center shaker, elliptical shaker, dehydration shaker, round vibrating shaker, banana shaker, linear vibrating shaker.

-Light fine shaker can be divided into: vibrating shaker, linear shaker, vertical shaker, ultrasonic vibrating shaker, filter shaker.

-According to the material running track, shale shaker can be divided into: linear vibrating shaker and circular vibrating shaker.

ES Shale Shakers
ES Shale Shakers

Shale Shaker is a vibration screening machinery used for treating refractory materials. The shale shaker has the process characteristics of large amplitude, high vibration intensity, lower frequency and flexible screen surface. During the work process, shale shaker always maintain the largest open-hole rate with high screening efficiency, processing capacity, easy to replace sieve, reducing costs. Shale shaker large screen surface and large processing capacity can meet the production needs of the scene.

KOSUN S™ series Shale Shakers family consist of linear motion (LS) shale shakers and Balanced Elliptical Motion (ES) Shale Shakers.

KOSUN  LS Shale Shakers  are  ideal  for high-capacity processing and the compact and easy-to-service design makes them a perfect choice for fast conveyance and heavy loading in tough drilling conditions. When drilling top-hole sections  or  while  heavy-volume  solids  are encountered, in these intervals, shakers are required to generate high G-forces to effectively move high-capacity drilled solids across the screens.

KOSUN  ES Shale Shakers are the best choice for max retention time and frequency for highly need of dryer drilled cuttings in light-loading drilling conditions. The unique balanced elliptical basket and  easy-to-service  design  makes  them  a wonderful choice for reducing solids control operation  cost.  When  faced  with  gentle light-loading drilling fluids, the ES shakers are required to reduce G-forces and maintain longer screen residence time, this results in drier solids,better drilling fluid recovery, longer screen life and reduced operating costs.

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